Item #5564589 The Geology of Ore Deposits. John M. Guilbert, Charles Frederick Park.

The Geology of Ore Deposits

New York: W. H. Freeman and Company, 1986. First Edition (?);. Hardcover. Very Good+ with no dust jacket. Item #5564589
ISBN: 0716714566

This text is an industry-standard handbook. It does a great job explaining various emplacement models and uses real-life examples. Any student planning a career in mining should be familiar with its content. Guilbert & Park's textbook on ore deposits is one of the best introductory books on the subject and a classic! Modern civilization's dependence upon an increasing volume and diversity of minerals makes the search for new ore deposits ever more difficult. Now available from Waveland Press, Guilbert & Park's text presents ideas, principles, and data fundamental for beginning economic geologists to understand the genesis and localization of ore deposits and of the minerals associated with them. The authors comprehensively describe the physical and chemical characteristics of ore deposits, and correlate them with environments and conditions of deposition since ore deposits are best interpreted as extensions of the environments responsible for their enclosing rocks. Examples and illustrations emphasize structural, chemical, and temporal controls and encourage the three-dimensional thinking used by productive explorationists as they face unsolved problems. This upper-level undergraduate text is fully illustrated and meticulously indexed. Its reliable, authoritative coverage assumes an upper-level command of chemistry and physics, as well as mineralogy, petrology, and structural geology. Outstanding features include: 1) develops and combines the abilities of the explorationist and of the researcher of ore-forming processes; 2) structures the geologic descriptions into groupings recognized by researches and explorers alike; 3) builds confidence, revitalizes curiosity, and encourages expanded thinking; 4) emphasizes that the days of "easy" discovery of outcropping ores are not over; and 5) includes revised, expanded, and updated descriptions of districts.; Textbook; B&W Photographs; 9.5 X 6.3 X 2.0 inches; 985 pages DN5.

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